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Carbon Fibre Record Cleaning Brush

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Ultra-fine bristles gently and safely remove dust, grit and debris. Simple, easy to use designNaturally dissipates static charge from records surface. Easy to use 360 pivoting assembly cleans the product. Another high-quality vinyl care product from Spin Care. The Spin Care Carbon Fibre Brush is a highly effective yet economical way of removing loose dust, dirt and debris from your vinyl records to keep your collection sounding its best. The ultrafine particles are very effective at picking and removing dust and debris from deep between your records grooves. The cleaner your grooves, the cleaner your sound. As well as cleaning your records, the brush also helps to dissipate any static charge which can lead to unwanted pops and clicks during playback. The brush is designed for removing loose particles, so we recommend our record cleaning solution and velvet cleaning pad for removing stuck on dirt.

How To Use
Place your favourite record on to your turntable and start it running. Run the brush gently over your spinning vinyl to gently lift any loose dust and debris from your record.Step away from your turntable, and rotate the brush to remove any loose particles.Enjoy some music! Place the record back into an anti-static Spin Care sleeve after you have finished.This will avoid the record being charged and covered in particles again, and minimises the need for ongoing cleaning.

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