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Brian Easdale - The Red Shoes

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01 Signature Tune
02 Main Title
03 'heart of Fire' Overture
04 Julian Conducts a Rehearsing
05 On the Mercury Theatre
06 Practise, Practise
07 Irina is Finished
08 Monte Carlo's Invitation
09 Vicky and Julian at the Party
10 Transformation
11 Vicky and Julian Discuss on Rehearsing
12 On the Monte Carlo Opera's Backstage
13 The Red Shoes Ballet Premiere
14 Paris
15 Night Ride
16 Birthday Party
17 Lermontov Remembers Vicky's Great Roles
18 Dance Music
19 Irina's Return
20 Composer Sleepless Nights
21 Lermontov's Reflection
22 The Struggle for Vicky
23 Vicky's Last Dance / End Title
24 The Red Shoes Ballet (Pre-recording Version)


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