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Klangdenkmal - Monument in Sound

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    Variation 1 by Maria Baptist
    Variation 2 by Reiko Clement
     Variation 3 by Hans-Jorn Brandenburg
    Variation 4 by Raimond Erbe
    Variation 5 by Lutz Gerlach
     Variation 6 by Joachim Gruner
     Variation 7 by Friedemann Graef
    Variation 8 by Helge Jung
    Variation 9 by Maria Kroutairskaia
    Variation 10 by Gottfried Klier
    Variation 11 by Kurt Dietmar Richter
    Variation 12 by Siegfried Matthus
    Variation 13 by Helmut Oehring
    Variation 14 by Daniel Seitz
    Variation 15 by Werner Seitz
    Variation 16 by Christoph Schambach
    Variation 17 by Oskar Siebert
    Variation 18 by Stefan Sobotta
    Variation 19 by Otto Ruthenberg
    Variation 20 by Lexa A. Thomas 
    Variation 21 by Peter Weirauch 
    Variation 22 by Gebhard Ullmann
    Variation 23 by Christian Steyer
    Variation 24 by Karl Heinz Wahren
    Variation 25 by Lothar Voigtlander
    Variation 26 by Hannes Zerbe
    Closing theme by Coco Schumann (reprise)

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