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 Johann Sebastian Bach - St. Matthew Passion (3CD) images


Johann Sebastian Bach - St. Matthew Passion (3CD)

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CD 1

01 Suddoby, Elsie - Matthaeus-passion Bwv 244 (Gesamt
02 Chor: Come Ye Daughters (1. Teil)
03 Rezitativ: when Jesus Had Finished
04 Choral: O Blessed Jesu
05 Rezitativ: then Assembled Together
06 Chor: Not Upon the Feast
07 Rezitativ: Now then Jesus Was in Bethany
08 Chor: to What Purpose is This Waste
09 Rezitaitiv: when Jesus Understood Me
10 Rezitativ: My Master & My Lord
11 Arie: Grief for Sin
12 Arie: Break in Grief
13 Rezitativ: Now the First Day
14 Chor: Where, Where
15 Rezitativ. & He Said, Go into the City
16 Choral: 'tis I Whose Sin Doth Bind Thee
17 Rezitativ: & He Answered & Said
18 Rezitativ: Although Our Eyes with Tears O'erflow
19 Arie: Jesus, Saviour
20 Rezitativ: & After They Had Sung a Hymn
21 Rezitativ: Peter Answered & Said
22 Choral: Here Would I Stand Beside Thee
23 Rezitativ: then Cometh Jesus
24 Rezitativ: O Grief
25 Arie: I Would Beside My Lord
26 Rezitativ: & We Went a Little Further
27 Rezitativ: the Saviour, Low Before His Father Bend
28 Arie: Gladly Would I Take
29 Rezitativ: & He Cometh Unto the Diciples
30 Choral: O Father Let Thy Will Be Done
31 Rezitativ: & He Came & Found Them Asleep Again
32 Arie: Behold My Saviour Now is Taken
33 Rezitativ: & Behold One of Them
34 Choral: O Man, Thy Grievous Sin

CD 2

01 Arie: Ah! Now is My Saviour Gone (2. Teil)
02 Rezitativ: & They Haid Laid Hold
03 Choral: How Falsely Doth the World Accuse!
04 Rezitativ: Yea Though Many False Witnesses
05 Rezitativ: He Holds His Peace
06 Arie: Endure, Endure
07 Rezitativ: & the High Priest Answered
08 Rezitativ: then They Did Spit in His Face
09 Choral: O Lord, Who Dares to Smite Thee
10 Rezitativ: Now Peter Sat Without in the Palace
11 Rezitativ: then He Began to Curse
12 Arie: Have Mercy, Lord, on Me
13 Choral: Lamb of God
14 Rezitativ: when the Morning Was Come
15 Rezitativ: & He Cast Down the Pieces of Silver
16 Arie: Give, O Give Me Back, My Lord
17 Choral: Commit Thy Way to Jesus
18 Rezitativ: Now at That Feast
19 Rezitativ: O Wondrous Love
20 Rezitativ: & the Governor Said
21 Rezitativ: to All men Jesus
22 Arie: for Love My Saviour
23 Rezitativ: but They Cried out

CD 3

01 Rezitativ: O Gracious God
02 Arie: if My Tears Be Unavailing
03 Rezitativ: then the Soldiers
04 Choral: O Sacred Head
05 Rezitativ: & After They Had Mocked Him
06 Rezitativ: & then They Were Come
07 Rezitativ: the Thieves Also Which Were Crucified
08 Rezitativ: Ah Golgatha!
09 Arie: See the Saviour's Outstretched Hands
10 Rezitativ: Now from the Sixth Hour
11 Choral: Be Near Me Lord
12 Rezitativ: & Behold the Veil of the Temple
13 Rezitativ: at Evening Hour of Calm & Peace
14 Arie: Make Thee Clean, My Heart
15 Rezitativ: & when Joseph
16 Rezitativ: & Now the Lord
17 Chor: in Tears of Greif


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