CRYSTAL 12" Record Sleeves - 100 Unidades

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Product Overview:
330mm (horizontal) x 325mm (vertical) - Fits Single LP, Single Gatefold, Double Gatefold, Triple Gatefolds fit. Please see the pictures above to see how various sleeves fit into our sleeves. NB - Please note these are not perfectly clear sleeves as they are made from polythene. They have a slightly frosted finish, which helps to protect from UV damage.Thick and strong 400 gauge sleeves, yet at the same time, flexible.Manufactured using virgin polythene for the highest quality presentation and durability.The safest protection for your record collection.Manufactured in the UK.

Product Description:
Our frosted polythene record sleeves are a safe, affordable and durable way of protecting your record sleeves from wear, tear, dust and debris, as well as UV damage from the sun. Our sleeves will not stick to your sleeves, or cause ""misting"" on your records, which seriously degrades sound quality on playback. It has been suggested this issue is the result of the Petrol-based PVC sleeves interacting with the record, which is also manufactured from PVC. They are thick and strong, yet surprisingly supple when compared with PVC sleeves. We have tested these sleeves and they are good for single LPs, single gatefold, double gatefolds, and even a triple gatefold at a push. Quite simply, they are the best long-term outer protection for your record collection. For best results combine with our HDPE inner record sleeves for the ultimate long-term protection. Please note that these sleeves are manufactured from polyethene, which provides a frosted finish. If you are looking for a super clear sleeve, please see our BOPP record sleeves


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